Evans Ralph, Flying Officer (DFC)


Flying Officer Ralph Evans
Born: 23 Sept 1923
Died: 7 Feb 2007

Andrew "Ralph" Evans was born in Coromandel, New Zealand, on 23rd September 1923. With service number 486480 he flew with 486 Squadron, RNZAF. His final score was 4 victories and 1 probable.

Ralph Evans passed away on 7th February 2007.


Tempest pilots from 486(NZ) Squadron. From left, Jack Stafford, C.O Keith Taylor Cannon, Owen Eagleson

and Ralph Evans - relax after a sortie from Volkel, in Holland, in early 1945.



Evan's victories in Tempest


Date of Claim

Type Claimed

Aircraft Serial No.

Location of Claim


22 Feb 1945


SA-W (EJ714)

S Münster

486 Sqn

15 April 1945

Fw 190

SA-Y (NV988)


486 Sqn

21 April 1945



NE Wismar

486 Sqn

29 April 1945

Fw 190



486 Sqn

29 April 1945

Bf109 (Probable)


S Bergedorf

486 Sqn




Image source:

Carwyn Evans
Text sources:
Carwyn Evans
The Typhoon & Tempest Story (Chris Thomas & Christopher Shores)