The Webmaster received these two photos:


"Hi donĀ“t know if you are interested but i have an old picture of my late dad in Aden, but the thing that may be of possible interest is that he has written everey ones name on the reverse. My Dad, Harold Charles Sale, crossed legged on the front row right. Although he only served to do his National Service he was always mad on all things to do with aviation. He passed away in 1993, goodness knows what he would have thought of the internet! 

Hope this helps in some small way.

Regards Sarah."


Many thanks to Sarah sharing these photos! Note the last comment: "Infront of Tempest Mk VI NX152  written off later by John Sutton." Tempest to the left is easily identified as NX130.


Chris Thomas comment:

"The Tempest VI, NX152, was 'P' of 8 Sqn in Aden but was transferred to 107 MU on 10 Nov 49 and was flown back from there to the UK between 8 & 12 Dec 49. This may have been when the photo was taken - the aircraft has the 90-gallon ferry tanks fitted. It was stored at 20 MU Aston Down but sold to Hawker on 15 May 51, for spares retrieval."











Via Harold Charles Sale's daughter Sara
Harold Charles Sale's daughter Sara
Chris Thomas