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  Summary of History  
Date Note Code/Serial
1945 Built at Hawker Aircraft Ltd at Langley (Contract ACFT/2438/C.23(a) MW758
1947 Delivered to India. MW758 -> HA580
1979   MW758
1980  Tangmere Flight, Sussex, UK MW758
   Wycombe Air Park MW758 
2021 Sold to H Cooper & M Burg, moved into storage at Haverfordwest Airport, Wales MW758
2023 Moved to the South Wales Aviation Museum at St Athan near Cardiff MW758


Restoration progress reports:


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In August 2022 Max Burg reports:

MW758 has been moved into storage at Haverfordwest Airport in Wales while we build our workshop. 

We are very much hoping to go in the airworthy direction though with a 3350 up front instead of the Centaurus.

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In February 2023 Max Burg reports:

"Just a quick update. The required space was not made available for us as promised at Haverfordwest so we have moved the Tempest to the South Wales Aviation Museum at St Athan near Cardiff. It’s an excellent environment she will receive some immediate conservation care.

She is looking better after being bolted back together!"


On 24 September 2023 Max Burg reports:

"We have decided to document the restoration of our Hawker Tempest on YouTube. If anyone is interested and has a few minutes to spare we have put an initial walk around video up and would appreciate some feedback and suggestions as to the content for future videos.
The intention at this stage and subject to change following feedback will be to make a series of detailed technical videos covering the rebuild or manufacturing of significant airframe, engine and systems components for those with a deeper interest alongside some more general progress videos for those who don’t wish to dive so deep. These will take a considerable amount of time and effort so any thoughts and feedback would be gratefully received."



H Cooper & M Burg
H Cooper & M Burg