James Atkinson went to Germany on the 29th December 2014 to see Malcolm Edwards' crash site and grave. The exact impact point has been located and various parts found.

Update: The part marked 34164 is now identified. See letter from RAF Museum, Hendon, below.

Dear Mr Atkinson,

The part number 34164 matches up with the supercharger pick-up lever in the Hobson engine control box located in the Tempest V's cockpit.  I have attached a copy of the relevant pages from AP2458B, C & D Volume 3 Tempest Mk. II, V & VI: Schedule of spare parts (027101) and AP2458C Tempest V aircraft. Sabre IIA engine (020119).  The "CH" in front of the number in the published reference probably indicates the manufacturer H. & M Hobson Ltd.  Hobsons were a well-known carburettor manufacturer with links with the French engineer Claudel, hence CH  (Claudel-Hobson).

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Leith
Department of Research & Information Service







Flight Lieutenant Malcolm F "Eddy" Edwards





James Atkinson