MaxFlite has, together with Gaëtan Marie, released a serie of 40 cm span free-flight models in foam. All in authentic colours and markings. Hawker Tempest Mk. V "Le Grand Charles" is one of the models which are possible to order on maxFlite's website. Enjoy!


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Fly it for Christmas! (Gaëtan Marie's website)




West Wings



West Wings 20" rubber powered free-flight Tempest.


Airlane's Balsa Model




Airlane Hawker Tempest Mk. II flying balsa airplane model, kit #Q10. It´s a hard to find rubber power model kit made by Airlane Model Co. of Chicago, IL. USA. This is a vintage balsa model, probably from the 50’s. Step-by-step plans sheet is full of illustrations. Including wooden parts, plan sheet, plastic propeller and rubber band. The wingspan is over 10 inches.

Latest updates:

RC Tempests

17 Sept 2023
Stephan Frappier's 1/5-scale Hawker Tempest Mk. II, Vailly Aviation design.

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Latest story

13 Sept 2023
Gordon Mellis' article about the loss of F/O Marshall and NV709 on the outskirts of the village Birgham in 1945.


Latest photos

11 Sept 2023
Paul Germain shares his late father's photos. He was stationed at Gutersloh with No. 16 Squadron in approx' 1948.

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9 Sept 2023
Avionics update. The KF Aerospace team have been progressing well with avionics work over the past few weeks.

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29 June 2023
Another step closer to flight! Extensive engine running during the summer including taxing.

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