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  Summary of History  
Date Note Code/Serial
1945 Built at Hawker Aircraft Ltd at Langley (Contract ACFT/2438/C.23(a) MW763
Oct 1946 Ferried to 20 MU at Aston Down MW763
28 May 1948 Bought by Hawker from RAF surplus stocks, refurbished and sold to India HA586
21 June 1949 First test flight flown from Langley by Eric Stanley Morrell HA586
1949 Delivered to Indian Air Force, flown with No. 5 Sqn. HA586
1979 Recovered by Warbirds of GB Ltd, Blackbushe HA586
1980 E. Nick Grace/Tangmere Flight MW763
1988 Brian Angliss/Autokraft Ltd, Brooklands MW763
9 Oct 1989-1992 Autokraft Limited, Brooklands G-TEMT/MW763
1995?- Tempest Two Ltd G-TEMT/MW763
3 June 2014 Anglia Aircraft Restorations G-TEMT/MW763
March 2019 Listed as a "current project" at Air Leasing Ltd G-TEMT/MW763
24 May 2021 First Roll out, painted as 5R-V (PR533) G-TEMT/MW763
10 Oct 2023 First post restoration flight G-TEMT/MW763


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Tempest Mk.II HA586, ex-RAF MW763, as found at Poona in India in 1979.


MW763 late 1980s. Photos taken by John Green, volunteer at Autokraft.

(Photos via Peter Arnold.)



Restoration progress reports:

In February 2004 Tom Woodhouse reports:

"MW763 could possibly be ready for Flying Legends 2004 but the last I heard was that Mike Nixon still hadn't even started the engine restoration and he'd had the engine for two years previous to that anyway! The Flypast picture (May 2002 issue) was taken when Gerry and the lads had hung their spare (not overhauled) Centaurus on the airframe to get the cowlings complete and as many systems fitted as possible, otherwise the airframe is ready to go pending the arrival of the engine."

In November 2005 Tom Woodhouse reports:

"The Tempest will hopefully be finished later next year (2006), I doubt it'll be ready for Legends as Gerry's got a big job to do overseas this winter with his aerial mapping company. He now has 3 serviceable magnetos and is awaiting the engine back from Nixon."


In February 2007 Kevin Strickson reports:

"When I spoke to one of the engineers from Tempest Two Ltd., he said that they had four Tempests in total and they were building two flyers and one static (if possible) out of the bits. As you can see from the photograph, Tempest Two Ltd. has done an excellent job in restoring this particular bird from its original state. It awaits the return of the engine that has been sat with California-based Nixon engines for the past two years being serviced - once this is done it should be a relatively straight forward job of assembly and then it has to have its CAA airworthiness checks."

Latest "rumours" in April 2008:

According to FlyPast's "UK WARBIRDS 2008 - The Comprehensive Guide" MW763 is now "undergoing final assembly at a private location in Lincolnshire". There is also a post on Flypast's Forum saying they now have started to renovate the engine in USA!! So is MW763 back in air in 2008 or 2009??!!

In June 2009 Kevin Strickson reports:

"Just been over to Wickenby Wheels and Wings and she was outside with an engine in place. Unfortunately not with the renovated engine. She is said to fly in 2010 :) "

In June 2010 Kevin Strickson reports: 

"I would love to have bought you some new pictures of this rare machine. Today & yesterday has been Wickenby's wheels and wings display.

The machine was tucked away in the far side hanger covered in dust in exactly the same state as it was last year. It still has an old engine in and the panels are in the same state and no propeller. It seems to still be awaiting an engine. The reason it seems it was not on display is Mr Cooper is in North Africa, so none of his frames were available to view without his permission.

So another year me thinks before it see's the daylight again .... if anything changes I'll hopefully get to see it."

In July 2013.....:

MW763 is now for sale on



In May 2014:

MW763 is on the move! More info and a photo in the link below.


MW763 on the move.

On 21 May 2014 "North Weald Airfield" reports on Facebook:

"Catching up on a new arrival, now we have permission to post the images. Hawker Tempest II, MW763, was brought by road from Wickenby last Wednesday 14 May. It will be restored to flying condition in due course by the engineers from Weald Aviation."


North Weald Airfield on Facebook, four photos of MW763!

On 6 June 2014 Peter Arnold visited North Weald:

and Tim Manna who has the contract to rebuild the Tempest. Peter took this photo!

In September 2014 issue FlyPast reports:

This is a significant project for Weald Aviation Services. Over the next months, a new purpose-build bay will be erected in one of the hangars, so the airframe can be assessed. The fighter's Bristol Centaurus engine has already been transported from the US to North Weald, and will now be worked on by engineers to return it to serviceable condition. Weald Aviation's boss Russ Smith told FlyPast:
"We are honoured to have been chosen and trusted to undertake the restoration of such iconic fighter. We look forward  to seeing it back in the UK skies, looking as spectacular as ever. The process is expected to take around two years, give or take a month or so."

On 7 November 2015 "North Weald Airfield" reports on Facebook:

"A photo from the engine shop today and work continuing on the Tempest II Centaurus, this part being a con rod assembly."

On 11 March 2016 "North Weald Airfield" reports on Facebook:

"Our Hawker Tempest II 'MW763' (G-TEMT) is progressing well through her major restoration. As shown in the images, we have manufactured jigs for the fully monocoque rear fuselage section and tail fin section. The rear fuselage section is now almost complete, with new skins, frames and stringers fitted. There remains only a few pieces to be fitted in order to complete this section, before moving on to beginning construction of the very complex fin section which is currently complete in kit form. The wings and horizontal stabiliser are waiting patiently for their chance to be given some TLC! The forward canopy section is being rebuilt in anticipation of the return of the tubular structure cockpit section which is away for complete inspection and overhaul. The long process of reconditioning all of the cockpit controls, panels and dials to their original glory has also begun. 
Our engine shop is a hive of activity at the moment, our team are working full steam ahead on the engine for the Tempest II. The very rare Bristol Centaurus V/VI power-plant for the Tempest is progressing well, with the bulk of components now in state ready for rebuild. The crank case and connecting rods along with a large amount of other parts have undertaken a unique varnishing treatment to increase their life and strength, which should give our engines a superb life span once complete. The finished articles look stunning as can be seen from the before and after shots below, and are a testament to our engine team for pushing this process through in order to make our engines some of the highest quality Centaurus' you're ever likely to find."

In January 2018 issue FlyPast reports:

Darren Harbar visits Airframe Assemblies and talks to the boss Steve Vizard in an article, and there is some info regarding MW763 including two photos:

"Wings for the Anglia Aircraft Restorations Hawker Tempest II MW763 (G-TEMT) were in the process of having major components removed in preparation for restoration to airworthy standard. Steve explained that jigs were being produced for these wings."

"In the mezzanine, Steve showed the rudder for Anglia Aircraft Restorations Tempest II, which was on a workbench."

In March 2019:

MW763 is now listed as a "current project" at Air Leasing Ltd. Air Leasing is run by Mother and Son team of Carolyn and Richard Grace and is based at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire.


 Posted on Youtube on 3 July 2019 by Kermit Weeks:



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In February 2020 issue FlyPast reports:

At last an Airworty Tempest? "The "carrot" of an airworthy Hawker Tempest has been dangling for years. However, it appears the dream will finally come true, as Air Leasing's Richard Grace reveals."

Buy your copy of FlyPast February 2020 and read the complete article. Lots of photos of MW763, now painted and marked as 5R-V (PR533)!

On 13 February 2021 The Vintage Aviation Echo writes:

"That aircraft, Hawker Tempest Mk. II MW763, is in the advanced stages of restoration at Sywell. When it flies – and it will soon – it will be the world’s only airworthy example of the type. As of January 2021, the airframe is complete and the aircraft sits on its undercarriage. Short of propeller – which is weeks away from completion at the time of writing – it is almost ready for engine runs."

Read the full interview with Richard Grace here:

Richard Grace: "I've never had a want to do anything else"

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On 24 May 2021 Ultimate Warbird Flights writes on Facebook:

"Hawker Tempest II MW763 G-TEMT
First roll out of G-TEMT, owned by Anglia Aircraft Restorations, coming to the end of restoration and now only waiting for completion of the Bristol Centaurus VI engine.
The scheme is that of 33 Sqdn as worn in Malaya in the 1950’s
We hope you like it!"


Visit Ultimate Warbird Flights on Facebook to see the photos! If we like it?? Oh yeah! :-) :


Ultimate Warbird Flights

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On 19 April 2023 Ultimate Warbird Flights writes on Facebook:

"First proper engine run of Hawker Tempest II G-TEMT’s mighty Bristol Centaurus 6 engine, what a beauty!"

Ultimate Warbird Flights (with a movie clip!)

Photo: Andrew Waller


On 29 June 2023 Ultimate Warbird Flights writes on Facebook:

"Fighter Aviation’s Tempest II is another step closer to flight today!"

MW763 taxing for the first time in many many years!

Ultimate Warbird Flights (with a movie clip!)

On 11 October 2023 Ultimate Warbird Flights writes on Facebook:

"Following an exciting day yesterday, we were a bit busy ensuring that the wonderful Tempest II arrived safely at Duxford following its post restoration flight.

Today however, we can bring you the first air to air image taken from Fighter Aviation’s Mustang by Wade Hammond as he monitored the successful flight in the hands of Pete Kynsey.

We are elated that this restoration has finally come to fruition after many years of hard work. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this exceptional and historic project."

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On 6 January 2024 Sywell 2024 writes on Facebook:

"So who fancies seeing the Hawker Tempest II alongside the Hawker Fury II then? Both will be at #sywell2024 This show is the mastermind of Ultimate Warbird Flights alongside Sywell Aerodrome."

Sywell 2024

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Warplane Workshop "Flight of the Tempest":

Don't miss Series 2 Episode 2:

"Engineer and pilot Richard fight to complete a 40-year project to return the RAF's fastest WWII fighter, the Hawker Tempest, to the sky":

Warplane workshop: Flight of the Tempest

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Andrew Waller
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Peter Arnold
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