Here is my latest creation hacked out a weekend. A Hawker Tempest Mk V 3D. Length and span are 36inches. AUW is 14.5oz and power is an Axi 2212/26 with a Pheonix 10 ESC and Kokam 1500 3s li-poly. I'm using 4 x Hitec HS 55s servos. It hovers well, and does the other stuff nicely. Flies like a pattern plane but is 3D capable.

The unusual part of this plane it the gyroscopic forces of the Axi motor. It rolls when I pull out of tight loops or at really slow airspeeds. At high speed (15-20mph top speed) the airplane tracks like its on rails so I feel it has to be the motor. Its not bad just different. The plane flies great and looks fantastic doing 1 foot high speed strafing runs. To build the model I downloaded these drawings and blew them up so the fuselage was 36 inches. The wing ended up larger so I trimmed out about 4 inches of the center section to get the span at 36 inches. It is an exact scale outline except for the shortened wing. The ailerons are obviously larger than scale and the elevator hingeline was moved forward to about 1/2 the stab chord. Rudder is scale. The plane is so smooth in the air!

Matt Andren







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Matt Andren