Hrvoje Kreso-Lovric (Zagreb, Croatia) built this 1/15-scale Tempest from Richard J.Caruana's drawings found on this website. He made his own plans in Photoshop from the drawings. Wing span was 83 cm and weight 450-500 g (depending on battery).

First motor was an AXI 2212/20 on 2S 1250 mAh LiPo spinning APC 9x6 SF prop. Later replaced with Scorpion 2215/26 (kit motor, custom winding) on 3S 1300 mAh LiPo turning an APC E 10x7 prop. With this setup vertical was unlimited :) ESC was Jeti ECO 18 A. He used mini servos (2x5g and 2x9g) from United Hobbies and receiver was a Corona 5 g 4 ch. micro receiver.

This beautiful Tempest was unfortunately lost after 492 flights!









Hrvoje Kreso-Lovric