"A few years ago I built 3 Mk1 Tempests (tripling Hawker's production figure!) for 1/12 scale radio control combat. As far as I'm aware, no-one else has built a Mk 1 for combat and I haven't seen another modelled at any scale.  I have it in mind for a future project at a much larger scale.

Scale detailing for combat models is fairly limited - with a high attrition rate it isn't worth too much effort - but flying mainly these Tempests, I managed to win the  2008 UK national championship. I chose the prototype due to its low drag and efficient wing, plus I preferred the cleaner look of the fin  and it was a highly effective model combat aircraft.  I have never understood why the Air Ministry rejected the wing mounted radiators - the Mosquito proved very effective with its combination of high speed and internal wing radiators and the Mk 1 Tempest was a good 30 mph faster than the production versions.

I still enjoy flying my surviving model for fun - it is actually my prototype of the prototype! This differed in having straight dihedralled wings whereas the later two had scale dihedral breaks outboard of the wheel mountings."


Martin Harris, UK