Alexandru Voicu from Romania, who was trying to develop a Tempest flight simulator a few years ago, is now working on Hawker Tempest Mk. Vs for the Il2 Sturmovik flight simulator series. Here are a few made so far! 


il2-2 il2-3
il2-4 il2-5


IL2 Sturmovik:1946


Andrea Voerzio, Italy, has made 50 missions for IL2 STURMOVIK: 1946. Tempest missions of course!

Click the link below to download the zip-file containg the missions and a "Read me first" file explaning how to install the package.

Problems or questions? Please contact Andrea, e-mail address in the "Read me first" file.


Click here to download the IL-2 Sturmovik 1946_Tempest missions







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