These photos, log book pages and personal notes have been scanned by Peter Shaw, Harry Shaw's son. I'm enormously grateful for the work Peter has done to scan his father's belongings and to share it on this website.

Thanks a lot Peter!
/Christer Landberg (Webmaster)




Harry Shaw, Palestine 1946.




Harry Shaw posing with Spitfire Mk. IX Palestine 1946.




Flying Spit IX, Palestine January 1947.



 Aboard Spitfire Mk. XVIII, Shallufa Egypt 1947.


Readiness in Spitfire Mk. XVIII, Shallufa Egypt 1947.





Harry Shaw's scrap-book

Three photos from Harry Shaw's scrap-book including notes.



 "56(F) Squadron, playing silly b - - s, Holland 1944:Left to right: 'Hutch', 'Kid' Mills, 'Artie' Shaw, 'Jimmy' Hughes, 'Benny', Louie Green, and in the Jeep, Johnny Rothwell."




"Carol singing at Volkel 1944."




"Kenny Watts, Johnny Mansfield, Self, Fats Kennaugh, Bob Moore, Black Mac, Mackenzie, Johnny Rothwell, Buck Ryan."





Photos and text:
Harry and Peter Shaw