indetail-23 Hawker Tempest Mk. II is powered by a Centaurus V air-cooled sleeve valve engine, which has eighteen cylinders staggered radially in two rows. A scavenge pump fitted externally at the base of the front cover returns drained oil to the sump and the reduction gear is situated forward of the front cover. The two-speed supercharger unit is mounted at the rear of the crankcase and is controlled from the cockpit. The base of the supercharger incorporates an auxiliary scavenge pump which returns drained oil from the crankcase and rear sleeve drives to the sump. A second drain pipe to the sump is provided to permit gravity drainage when the engine is stationary.
indetail-24 The rear cover is fitted behind the supercharger unit and accommodates the two magnetos, the fuel pump, accessories gearbox drive, magneto variable-drive mechanism, and an oil pressure reducing valve. The sump is secured to the base of both the supercharger and the rear cover, and incorporates the main oil pump. The propeller is a Rotol variable-pitch type with a constant-speed control. Hand-turning gear is not provided but a cartridge starter is mounted at the rear of the engine. Gauges are fitted in the cockpit to indicate the engine speed, boost pressure, oil pressure and temperature and cylinder temperature.
indetail-25 The engine mounting is built up of eight tubular steel members. These are attached to a mounting ring on the engine by means of steel channels, and to the centre fuselage at joints Z and C by machined steel forgings. The mounting, complete with engine, forms a type A power plant and is readily detachable as a unit from the airframe. The mounting ring is connected to the engine by means of a system of rubber suspension units and consequently the complete unit is referred to as a "flexible" engine mounting.