1. Supercharger

2. Fuel cut-off control

3. Throttle

4. Friction adjuster

5. Cowl gills manual control switch

6. Propeller over-ride control

7. Ignition switches

8. Cartidge starter reloading toogle

9. Booster coil and starter buttoms

10. Carburettor air intake selector

11. Tachometer

12. Fuel level warning lamp.
Indicates wing-tanks empty

13. Boost gauge

14. Main tank

15. Nose tank

16. Inter-spar tanks

17. Oil temperature gauge

18. Oil pressure gauge

19. Engine temperature gauge

20. Fuel tanks air-pressure gauge

21. Main fuel cock

22. Fuel pressure warning lamp

23. Power failure warning lamp

24. Locking plate for selector lever (drop-tanks)

25. Selector lever (drop-tanks)

26. Jettison lever (drop-tanks)

27. Cylinder priming pump

28. Ammeter test button

29. Booster pump ammeter test socket

30. Oil dilution push button



1. Rudder tab handwheel

2. Elevator tab handwheel

3. Dimmer switch for trim tab control box lamp

4. Emergency release assister cock

5. Indicator switch

6. Cockpit lamps (U.V)

7. Warning lamp

8. Position indicator (landinggear)

9. Triple pressure gauge

10. Cockpit lamps (red)

11. Position indicator (flaps)

12. Dimmer switch for U.V. lamps

13. Compass lighting dimmer switch

14. Dimmer switch for cockpit lamps (red)

15. Spare bulb stowage

16. Dimmer switch for electrical panel lamp

17. Emergency release pedals

18. Rudder bar adjustment

19. Compass

20. Brake lever

21. Main fuel cock

22. Locking catch

23. Flap lever

24. Hydraulic system hand pump




1. Pilot´s harness quick-release

2. I.F.F. plug

3.Dimmer and selector switch

4. Demolition switch

5. G.G.S. master switch

6. Hood operating handle

7. Range adjustment

8. Bomb or R.P. release button

9. R.P. control switches

10. T.R. 1143 control unit

11. Punkah louvres

12. Oxygen panel

13. Magnesyn compass indicator

14. Signalling switch - manual

15. Ventilator control

16. Dimmer switch for electrical panel lamp

17. Signalling switch - auto

18. Gyro gun sight

19. Guns/R.P. sight control

20. Downward ident.lamp selector

21. Bomb fuzing and selector switches

22. Emergency switch for S.C.I.

23. Punkah louvres

24. Switchbox

25. Pressure head heater switch

26. T.R. 1143 master switch

27. Heated clothing switch

28. Emergency light accumulator

29. Navigation and ident.lamp switch

30. Resin lamp switch

31. R.P. auto-selector

32. Ciné-camera master switch

33. Heated clothing socket

34. Mic-tel socket

35. Dummy socket for footage indicator plug

36. Seat adjusting lever

37. Wedge plate for footage indicator

38. Windscreen de-icing pump and jet regulator

39. Hood jettison toggle

40. Camera button

41. Caging button

42. Gun firing button

43. Landing lamps position selector switch

44. Bomb or R.P selector socket

45. Mechanical emergency bomb release




Sliding hood



Pilots seat


Rudder bar and pedestal


Safety harness


Safety harness



Control column and Flying controls group



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