This is Brian Rawcliffe's Hawker Tempest Mk. II, Vailly Aviation Design. It's 1/5-scale giving a wingspan of 97" (2450 mm), weight 41 lbs 12 oz (19 kg). The engine is a Mackay 150cc 5 cylinder 4 stroke petrol radial, turning a Menz 28"x12" wooden propeller at 4800 rpm. Retracts were made by Unitracts International UK. Painted with Warbirdcolors.

Brian says: "It is a wonderful aeroplane to fly, There is a video on Youtube (see below) from Redmarshall 2009, it was a good flight but there was a 15 mph crosswind!"

The model's markings are EG-S (PR583), just as the full size Tempest flown by Angus Mackay, and in which he crash landed in the Russian zone of Germany, near Berlin. Read the story here:

TEMPEST DOWN One of our aircraft is missing...