Hello, my name is Guillaume Dodin and I live in Dieppe, France. I've built a 1/8-scale Tempest from Brian Taylor's plans. It's powered by an electric brushless engine, a Hyperion Z4025 14 turn. The battery is a 5S liion and I'm using a 16 x 10 propeller. With this setup I'm taking out max 55 Amps and get about 825 Watts. With a weight of 4 kg it makes around 200 Watt/kg, enough for realistic flights!

The Tempest has retractable landing gear and flaps. I have made two flights so far and will do some modifications before next flight. Left to finish is the cockpit. The Tempest is painted as SN260, which I found a profile of on your website. Thanks!

/Guillaume Dodin







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Guillaume Dodin