It is now about 20 years ago since I started this build. There have been many other models during all this years and some Brian Taylor as well. I have built on this Tempest from time to time and now it is finally finished and had its maiden this morning in mist and rain. The engine is my first Laser 75 and the retracts are some 20 years old Eurokit. I believe it was called something else at the time. I have constructed the tail wheel myself and it retracts forward as it is supposed to and yes, it has flaps as per the plans.

Both Hawker Tempest and Typhoon (Im building one now) has the difficult short nose which give CG problems. I changed the construction and moved all the servos, battery and RX and placed it right behind the engine fire wall above the fuel tank. Believe it or not, I have no extra weight in the nose and she is nose heavy.

Well, the maiden went well. I had to use up all the elevator trim and some right ailerons. The flap was very effective and I dropped them all the way. Went in above the runway, closed the throttle and set the nose down about 30 degrees. Started to pull back a few feet above ground and managed to make my best landing in 30 years. 100% perfect.
I now need to make some small adjustment and we will soon be back up among the clouds.

/Mikael Holm









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Mikael Holm