Stuart Mackay has built two 1/48-scale Hawker Tempest Mk. V kits from Eduard and converted them to Mk. II. He painted and marked them like two of the Tempests flown by his father Warrant Officer Angus Mackay, EG-S (PR853) and EG-D (PR790).



Stuart Mackay

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Tempest II - An illustrated history of the Tempest Mk. II and FlyPast December 2022 added.

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Tempest Mk.II MW376

On 31 August was the roll-out of MW376 which is available for viewing at the KF Centre for Excellence.

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Tempest Mk.II MW758

MW758 is added to the list of survivors and is hoping to go in the airworthy direction with a 3350 up front.

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Eagles of Destiny

The Eagles of Destiny mini-series covers the early years of Royal Pakistan Air Force, initially while still being ...

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