I have been in contact with Chris Thomas (probably the number one Typhoon & Tempest expert and author of many books on these aircraft) about Tempest colours, schemes and variations thereof.

Chris had asked me for some high definition scans of various Tempest photographs that my Father (W/O Angus Mackay) had flown towards the end of WW2 and in particular, he had asked for the 174 squadron JJ-W EJ555 seen on the Here Now article I had written about this kit, (which also features in one of  his Tempest books), so I thought let’s have a go at modelling this aircraft as an alternative to the schemes in the box, which incidentally, Chris had done for Eduard and his colour 3 views are the ones in the kit instructions.

So here she is and thanks to Chris for letting us use his artwork here, pretty much standard late war 2TAF day fighter scheme with the sky tail band painted over in the field a Sky spinner, yellow 174 sqn lightning flash and the name “Bet” on the starboard engine lower access cover.




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Text and photos:
Stuart Mackay