cammock 1Raymond Cammock was the son of David John and Bertha Agnes Cammock, of Christchurch, New Zealand; husband of Kathy Cammock, of Barrowford, Lancashire, England.

Raymond posted from 61 OTU joined 485 (NZ) Sqn in July 1942 and remained with the squadron till September 1942 and left for North Africa and the Mediterranean Theater of Operations with 253 Sqn. Where he received a commission and also shared a enemy aircraft victory with the 253 Sqn in 1943.

In May 1944 for a second tour of operations he returned to the European Theater of Operations joining the 486 (NZ) Sqn were during the course with 486 (NZ) Sqn flying the Tempest Mk. V, Raymond became a V1 Ace shooting down 21 V1 flying bombs (1 being shared with the squadron).

Raymond was killed 6 October 1944 while stationed at Volkel when his Tempest JN863 was hit by flak while attacking an ammunition train, hitting the last coaches and exploding the ammunition train. The Tempest crashed at the railway crossing at Wagenvoortsdijk, Almen.

Raymond was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with 486 (NZ) Sqn. In the Supplement to the London Gazette of 13 December 1944.

The announcement included the following citation, "This officer has displayed great zest for operations and has completed a large number of varied sorties. He has set a fine example of skill and courage and his devotion to duty has been unflagging. Flying Officer Cammock has destroyed 20 flying bombs."

Raymond rests at the Lochem New General Cemetery, Gelderland, Netherlands Row 1. Grave 6.

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Raymond Cammock (right) with Owen Eagleson in the 486 NZ Squadron. © IWM (CL 1386)


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Last pages of Raymond's Log Book.



Cammock's victories in Tempest


Date Type claimed Aircraft Serial No. Location of claim Unit
19 June 1944  V-1  SA-P (JN810)  10m N Beachy Head 486
23 June 1944 1/2 V-1  SA-P (JN810) 2m N Pevensey Bay  486
23 June 1944 V-1  SA-P (JN810) Edenbridge  486
24 June 1944  2 V-1s  SA-N (JN808)  Eastbourne area  486
25 June 1944  V-1  SA-R (JN804) S Maidstone  486
25 June 1944  V-1  SA-R (JN804)  5m N Hastings  486
27 June 1944  V-1  SA-T (JN794)  N Rye  486
28 June 1944  V-1  SA-P (JN810)  Beachy Head  486
1 July 1944  V-1  SA-U (JN866)  Bexhill  486
7 July 1944  V-1  SA-W (JN873)  7m N Pevensey  486
11 July 1944  V-1  SA-D (JN803)  Bexhill  486
22 July 1944  V-1  SA-R (JN863)  N Ashford  486
26 July 1944  V-1  SA-X (EJ523)  7m N Bexhill  486
26 July 1944  V-1  SA-V (JN770)  3-4m SW Ashford  486
27 July 1944  V-1  SA-X (EJ523)  4-5m S Tunbridge Wells  486
27 July 1944  V-1  SA-X (EJ523)  Hastings  486
6 August 1944  V-1  SA-X (EJ523) Eastbourne  486
7 August 1944 V-1  SA-R (JN863) Dungeness  486
15 August 1944  V-1  SA-P (EJ528)  Rye  486
29 August 1944  V-1  SA-R (EJ869)  2m N Tonbridge  486


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In 2021 pieces of Raymond Cammock's Tempest JN863 was found at the railway-crossing at Wagenvoortsdijk, Almen. Together with the pieces of the Tempest, pieces of the train and ammunition were also found leading to the conclusion this had to be the location where Raymond Cammock lost his life. A commemorative plaque and information panel are now placed here.

A pedestrian tunnel, just east of the crash site, has been named after Raymond togehter with another information panel. His family was present for the formal opening of the tunnel in 2022. In the video, the granddaughter of Raymond is revealing the name of the tunnel.


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Thanks to Jerry Huisman for the information about the R.J. Cammock tunnel!


No 485 NZ Squadron RAF
Aces High Vol. 2 by Christopher Shores
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