Robert "Bob" Edward Barckley (RAF No. 138650) was first a soldier in the BEF, then joining RAF and flew Hurricane, Typhoon and Tempest with No. 3 Squadron. He was shot down in his Typhoon while on a "Rhubarb" over Belgium on 2 June 1943. He was picked up by the Comet Line and he successfully evaded via south west France, Madrid and Gibraltar - returning to 3 Squadron on 25 August 1943 where he continued flying the Typhoon.

He subsequently went on to fly the Tempest and he was credited with destroying 12½ V1s between 18 June and 29 August 1944.

He was awarded a DFC on 3 November 1944.


Bob Barckley passed away on 28 March 2020, aged 99.






Barckley's victories in Tempest


Date Type claimed Aircraft Serial No. Location of claim Unit
18 June 1944 V-1     3 Sqn
19 June 1944  V-1 JN759  W Horley  3 Sqn
19 June 1944  V-1 JN768 nr Biggin Hill  3 Sqn
24 June 1944  V-1     3 Sqn
7 July 1944  V-1 JN815  nr East Grinstead  3 Sqn
9 July 1944  2 V-1s     3 Sqn
10 July 1944  2 V-1s      3 Sqn
14 July 1944  V-1     3 Sqn
14 July 1944  1/2 V-1     3 Sqn
20 July 1944 V-1 JN755 5m W Rye 3 Sqn
29 August 1944 V-1     3 Sqn


- Bob Barckley, 3 Squadron, RIP

 - Aviateurs alliés passés par Comète via les Pyrénées

Don Butcher
Philip Butcher
Aces High Vol. 2 by Christopher Shores

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