Warren "Peg" Peglar was born in 13 October 1920, Toronto, Canada.

He served in 24th Medium Battery, RCA and enlisted in RCAF in Toronto, 19 December 1940.  Peglar trained at No.1 ITS, No.9 EFTS and No.6 SFTS. 
Warren Peglar arrived in UK on 14 January 1943 and was assigned to No.501 Squadron on 1 June 1943. After the tour with 501 Squadron he was transferred to the US 8th Air Force on 12 July 1944 to fly P51D Mustangs with 354 Squadron of the 355th Fighter Wing at Steeplemorden Air Base. While with the USAAF he flew approx 20 missions, including a shuttle raid....England to Russia to Italy to England.

On 25 September 1944 he was contacted by No. 274 Squadron Leader Gary Barnett and asked if he would like to rejoin the RAF and fly Tempests, so on the next day he was flown to Coltishall Air Base.

He stayed with 274 Squadron, in Holland, until 11 December 1944 when he had completed his 3rd tour and was back in Canada in mid-February 1945. He was released 20 April 1945 with 3 tours completed.


Warren Peglar passed away on 19 May 2014.







This photo of 274 Squadron is taken at Volkel airfield, probably early October 1944.

F/O John Davies:

"I attach a picture of most of the 274 pilots. (“Tiny” Kjeldbec, for one, is missing) Taken at Volkel airfield probably early October 1944. Foob Fairbanks on the left, next to him is Mossing (I think), then F/O JM Griffin. Centre, S/L Heap the CO, next F/O John Davies. On the wing, from left, Capt. Vaissier and Peg Peglar. 4th from left, F/Sgt SL Clarke. On the other end of wing, Doc Malloy and Smithy."



PEGLAR, F/L Warren Brock (J7892) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.274 Squadron
Award effective 18 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 29 December 1944 and 
AFRO 379/45 dated 2 March 1945.

This officer has a fine record of operational achievement. He has completed a large number of sorties against a wide range of targets and has destroyed at least four enemy aircraft in air combat and probably an equal number on the ground. In addition, he has also inflicted much damage on the enemy's mechanical transport. Flight Lieutenant Peglar is an outstanding leader and pilot. His exceptionally high courage and devotion to duty have been most commendable.

NOTE: Public Records Office Air 2/9033 has recommendation dated 24 October 1944 when he had flown 225 sorties (325 operational hours).

This officer has participated in a large number of offensive sorties over Occupied Europe since June 1943, during which time he has destroyed at least four enemy aircraft and probably an equal number destroyed on the ground, in addition to numerous mechanical transport, locomotives and railway rolling stock. He has always shown a keen desire to get at grips with the Hun, and as a Section Leader has proved himself to be a fearless comrade, and much of the great success of the squadron during the past few months in destroying enemy transport and ground targets is due to his tireless courage and determination to press home his attacks in the face of the enemy's concentrated anti-aircraft fire.



Peglar's previous victories


Type Claimed Aircraft Flown Location of Claim Unit
Messerschmitt Bf109 P-51D WR-Q   335th U.S. FG
Focke Wulf 190 P-51D WR-Q   335th U.S. FG
Junkers Ju52/3 on ground     335th U.S. FG
2 x Messerschmitt Bf109 P-51D WR-S   335th U.S. FG




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